It is Tuesday already and I still haven’t found a property……

BW GZ                   OUR CURRENT “GOLDZONE”

As some of you may have already heard, we need to find a new “Goldzone” – yes, we are moving house………

  • We are a middle aged (!) couple with 3 children.
  • ‘C’ and ‘A’ live overseas in Australia and the other ‘C’ lives in Tuen Mun during the week and then comes home on the weekend (contrary to popular belief, Tuen Mun is not overseas!)
  • We both work long hours.
  • One of us works on the darkside and the other on the “Barren Rock”.
  • We never cook although we love a big fancy fridge.
  • One of us has a shoe collection and the other wears suits all week so tries to have a shirt collection to rival the shoe collection – impossible!
  • Our current furniture fits the Goldzone perfectly but we want to spend less money on rent and we all know what that means – yes that is right – that the furniture can’t possibly fit in the next Goldzone!

We are about to experience the same dilemma that a lot of Hong Kongers have recently experienced – or may experience in the future – ‘the corporate lease is coming to an end and now it will be our money to spend on rent’ – eeeeeeeek.

31st March 2015 is D Day – we need to have found somewhere, be packed up and be in a position to hand back the keys to our current landlord…….all whilst doing our day jobs to pay for the rent!

Stay tuned to hear about the joys (and tears!) of finding a property in Hong Kong when you have to spend your own money……..I often hear from friends that I must be in the best position to find a property…….well let’s see!


Screenshot (3)



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