What an inspirational week – but did we find an apartment?!

International Women's Day

Wow – what a week it has been.  I have been surrounded with remarkable people (yes both men and women!)

It all started on Monday when I had the opportunity to attend an evening event at Bloomberg – “Leading Women in Investment Banking” organised by The Women’s Foundation.  It was such an interesting discussion especially as they talked about their personal struggles and (what I loved the most) the solutions!  They shared how they had become successful in the Investment Banking world.

The speakers were

  • Elizabeth Wang, COO Investment Banking APAC, Morgan Stanley
  • Mary MacLeod, CFO International & Institutional Banking, ANZ
  • Teresa Teague, Managing Director, Goldman Sachs

Wednesday saw another packed day starting in our offices here at JLL.  JLL hosted a speaker panel of female chefs with a breakfast sponsored by Grassroots Pantry.  It was extremely healthy.  I can’t say that I have ever had a shot of anything so purple first thing in the morning…..well not something that was so good for me!  I did notice that there were a few cloudy heads though and so like others I did have to sneak in a coffee before my first meeting!

The panellists were

  • PEGGY CHAN Executive chef and founder of Grassroots Pantry, a health-conscious restaurant that features nutritious plant-based food and encourages conscious eating
  • NAOMI POMEROY Owner of Beast Restaurant and Expatriate Bar in Portland, Oregon and the 2014 James Beard Award for Best Chef Northwest (Member of Culinary Dream Team for the USA Pavilion at Expo Milano 2015)
  • MARGARET XU YUAN Private kitchen chef extraordinaire and CEO of Yin Yang, a charming restaurant in Ting Kau that uses organic, locally sourced ingredients to serve authentic ancient cuisines inspired by Hakka tradition
  • Susan Jung, Senior Food and Wine Editor of SCMP was the moderator and it was great to hear her voice in addition to reading her such well written words.

After all that talk about kitchens and the struggles that women faced in the kitchen (and I thought Real Estate was a tough business), lunch was spent at Club Lusitano (not on the kitchen) but engaging in the discussion about Women on Boards hosted by the American Chamber’s Women of Influence.

It was interesting to hear the views of the ladies below………..

  • Vivian Lam, Partner, Paul Hastings
  • Deirdre Lander, Director, OBE Organic and Director – Data, Surveys & Technology Hong Kong, Towers Watson
  • Alice Au, Board Member, Spencer Stuart
  • Su-Mei Thompson, CEO, The Women’s Foundation was the always insightful moderator.

To close out the commonly called “hump day” (which definitely wasn’t my day this week) I spent the evening being inspired (and made to laugh) by Michelle Guthrie at an AustCham event…………now that brought a smile to my face.  What an interesting and eventful life she is living.

My week of successful women experiences didn’t end there.  I spent Thursday lunch with what is rumoured to have been close to 400 women (and thankfully a few men) as the guest of Christina Gaw and Stephanie Hui.  Thank you ladies again for another lunch of inspiration. Joanna Hotung gave me goose bumps with an excellent speech about her personal story…..I walked out of lunch inspired and ready to take my packed afternoon of meetings with developers.

Friday closed out the working week with a committee meeting for the American Chamber Women Of Influence.  A more simple lunch spent with some of my favourite ladies.  Figuring out how we will host one of the best women’s events of the year…..as well as all of the other events we hold!

The afternoon was a little more frustrating as it was based around IT (my love and hate relationship!).

Probably the best part of my week though was the evening drinks with my team.  Not everyone could be there but hopefully next time.  I am fortunate enough to live in a stunning apartment – well for the rest of the month – and I wanted to share that with them.  It has only been a few months that we have all been together, with some new faces and a smaller workspace. Change is always an interesting and stressful part of life.  Something that our team here look after for others on a daily basis.

the teamSome of the JLL Residential and Relocation team – yes, those lucky gentleman get to work with an amazing bunch of ladies.

So to wrap it all up, yesterday was International Women’s Day and I spent it with the two most important men in my life…..preparing to downsize – that will be an entire post in itself 🙂  Did Chu San and I (with Callum’s help of course!) find an apartment?  Not yet – maybe I should ask one of my team to help me!

Here is to another busy week.


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