Do we want to live with this view? More importantly might you know someone who wants to help me lease properties with this view?

HK Skyline

Pretty spectacular view eh?  One of the buildings that Chu San and I have managed to narrow down as a favourite, and it will give us a view like this……..any idea which building we like?

Only 15 days till we have to move out and nothing yet in writing eeeeeeeeek.

Hong Kong is a not an easy market to lease a property in (especially when dealing with individual landlords) but let me tell you this, if you have a professional on your side it is a lot simpler!

Do you have good problem solving skills? Are you self-motivated, result-oriented and independent?  Do you have good interpersonal and communication skills? Are you client focused?

Would be best if you already have an EAA license – don’t worry if not, I can support you to get one………let me know if you are interested in getting in this business!  Trust me, it is rewarding, exciting and sometimes even fun!


Screenshot (3)


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