17280 minutes / 288 hours / 12 day till move out day

17280 minutes / 288 hours / 12 days – whatever way you look at it, the numbers are a little scary and I am certainly feeling the pressure!

Like others at the moment, Chu San, Callum and I are looking for a new home.  Life is always changing and evolving……what suited us previously when it came to a property doesn’t necessarily suit us all now.  The big reason for us changing is that we are being moved from a corporate lease to a personal lease…….it is now our money that we are spending every month and every little counts!

Looking for property in Hong Kong (and other parts of the world) is a stressful, frustrating and sometimes confusing process……all the properties tend to get mixed up in your mind and rarely (in fact never) do you walk out of an apartment skipping and dancing whilst screaming at the top of your lungs “I have found the perfect property”.  To top it all off you then have to negotiate with someone (who has something you want!) and that is always a stressful and often nerve-wracking negotiation – especially if you are an agent yourself.

Thankfully, this morning the landlord signed the Tenancy Agreement.  The whole process was a quick one from offer to TA.Remember it is HK and if you don’t rent it someone else will!  The negotiation process required a little give and take (from both sides!) but Chu San and I are happy with the terms – although I do have to remind Chu San to NOT convert the monthly rent back into Australian dollars – it never bodes well which ever currency you convert it to!

So the Goldzone and it’s inhabitants will be relocating………not far though – infact the movers will literally have to take the boxes down in the lift from The Cullinan and then through the Kowloon Station ‘gardens’ (OK that might be a little rich!) and then up to the 25th floor of The Harbourside.  I think they will spend moving vertically than horizontally!

[brief description]

So today, I am feeling grateful, excited, a year older and some what relieved.

Thanks to everyone that helped me find the property…..you know who you are!


Screenshot (3)


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