Handovers and newspapers

What a weekend……………….

I had complete FoMO all weekend and by the looks of the Facebook posts……..I was right in having that feeling!  This weekend was the Prudential Beach 5’s and it looked like it was a fantastic weekend.  Thankfully I didn’t have a lot of spare time on my hands to salivate over the burgers and bubbly that was consumed by all of my nettie friends!

Saturday was handover day.  We began the handover at 10am (when some of my netball friends were already on their first beer!)  I can not stress enough how important a handover is.  MAKE SURE YOU HAVE A THOROUGH HANDOVER.  I have been to too many a handover with other agents and it has involved a quick check over of some lights and the taps and that was if the client was lucky.  Thankfully, the team and I at JLL make sure that a THOROUGH HANDOVER is carried out and most importantly that there is a full report with photos.

Around 11am the fun began!  We all know that old newspapers have many uses after they have been read.  In my family growing up, newspaper (and used plastic bags!) were always used as wrapping paper…..no, my mother wasn’t a 70’s recycling activist who wanted to save the world, she just didn’t believe in paying good money for wrapping paper!

I have another great use for old newspapers when you are moving house.  Flat pack furniture.  It is one of the best ways to accurately work out where your furniture is going and where it fits best (especially when you are downsizing!)  It is also an extremely exciting activity for a 12 year old!  He understands why his bed will not fit the way he wants it to in his new bedroom 🙂  For me it is always nice to know where the important “wine table” is going to go!

news papers

The afternoon was spent in Ikea looking at closets.  Not the most pleasant of experiences but one that sometimes just has to be done.  Thanks Chu San for helping me work out where the shoe collection will go.

Have a great week everyone.  There is some rugby event on this weekend!  No packing or apartment stuff for the new HARBOURZONE crew.  Move day is the day after – are we insane?!


Screenshot (3)


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