Thankful that I am a mother and for the JLL team

I hope everyone had a great weekend and for some a Mother’s Day.  I had a very relaxing day and am so grateful to have Callum and Chu San in my life.

It is Monday though and I am back to work.  (Chu San and Callum might argue that I never really leave!)

I want to introduce you all to my amazing team, without who I would be completely lost!   Real estate is definitely a business that I fell in love with many years ago and I know I have a lot of friends who envy all of the beautiful property I see.  The role of a property agent is not just swanning around expensive properties sadly and thankfully I have a strong team here at JLL with some of the best agents in Hong Kong.  There is so much more to what we do as a team and who we are as individuals.  So I thought it would be interesting to introduce you to my team.

First on the list is Beatrice Leung.

JLL  portraites final-12

So, who is Beatrice Leung? 

I joined JLL in 2010, so wow that means I’ve been here almost five years!  I started in Tenancy Management working closely with our corporate accounts.  When a vacancy opened in the leasing team for a property agent I took a chance and I haven’t looked back!.

I’m a bit extreme, and love Thai Boxing, although as I’m getting older it is getting a little bit dangerous.  I also have a soft spot for animals, and I spend my spare time with my pack – three tortoises, four cats and two dogs!  If you can’t get hold of me call the veterinary clinic – I always seem to be there!

What do you love most about your job?

I love the challenge of finding someone a home; it’s really satisfying to know you have helped your client secure the property they wanted.  No day is the same and I get to meet people from all over the world from different cultures.

House Heaven Vs House Hell? 

Kadoorie Avenue in Kowloon is my House Heaven – 86 beautiful colonial houses, and one apartment block, owned by the Kadoorie family.    Every house has its own garden and some even have a private pool.

My House Hell would have to be anywhere that is near a construction site – that would be a nightmare!  Although the reality is this is hard to avoid in Hong Kong – just make sure they are past the drilling stage and avoid the biggest headache.

Best neighbourhood for … couples?

Sheung Wan is one of the best places for couples relocating to Hong Kong.  It’s convenient, cool and has an impressive variety of restaurants, bars and exercise studios.  It’s one of these places in Hong Kong that has recently seen a lot of change from an old industrial vibe to that East London hipster feel.

I recently placed a newly married couple in Sheung Wan, they had relocated from Australia and found that the neighbourhood had a lot in common with their preferred neighbourhood in Sydney – Surry Hills.  You can read more about their moving story in The List next week.

Places to furnish your property … on a budget?

It’s a cliché but Ikea is always a good option.  Also try Pricerite – a local furniture store which is really reasonably priced.  Perhaps the best thing about them is that they do tailor-made beds and furniture to fit the typically small apartments in Hong Kong.

How to feel ‘At Home in Hong Kong?’

I’m finding this a little hard to answer because Hong Kong should be about being open to the new opportunities and lifestyle!  If you really need that home comfort you can head to neighbourhoods that are known for their different communities, for example there is a big French community in Happy Valley. 

What has been your strangest property search request?

This might seem strange if you are coming from other countries but people who request to be on the top floor and the top floor only.  HK residential property is typically made from concrete – which results in very little footfall, so limiting yourself to the top floor can increase your rental price and choices available.  The makeup is very different to old apartment in Paris or converted homes in London.

Share a Hong Kong Secret Spot?

Big Wave Bay – the hike from Siu Sai Wan down to this beach is a route I love to take.  I like the greenery, views and the peace and quiet from the busy city life.  Other hikes like Dragon’s Back are beautiful too but are normally a lot busier – this one is still (a bit of) a secret.

To ask Beatrice a question about Hong Kong property directly email her at S-352778


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