Charissa Ching – an integral part of our JLL residential team

Thank you Charissa – she works most weekends and has a genuine desire to find the best property for her clients.

So, who is Charissa Ching?

JLL  portraites final-16

I’m just a very typical character!  I like hiking  (but only the easy routes – not like the hard ones my colleagues do on weekly basis!), and spending time outdoors whether it is by the beach or surrounded by greenery – I’m not too fussy!

What do you love most about your job?

The best thing about my job is all the different people I get to meet.  It might sound stereotypical, but I love seeing clients get the Hong Kong apartment they wanted.  It brings them happiness and means that I have done my job well!

House Heaven vs House Hell? 

Okay so my ‘heaven’ would be down to location.  I’d want to be surrounded by greenery so you have that countryside feel but still have the option of being close to the city – like a lot of my clients!!  So really I can relate to many!

Hell – any property that is too is dark.  I hate dark apartments, for me if it is small it’s okay, so long as there is a lot of natural light giving the illusion of space.  I’d take a small bright apartment over a large dark one any day!

Best neighbourhood for … young professionals?

SoHo of course is the obvious choice for young professionals living in Hong Kong – lots of restaurants, making friends all within the reach of work makes hanging out easy.  If you wanted something a bit different you’d be good to live in Wanchai – a really cool area especially around Star Street with the little boutique cafes and shops.  Finally Happy Valley is a quieter alternative, especially if you’re a couple looking to settle down and stray away from the party lifestyle!

Space is at a premium in in Hong Kong, what are your small space hacks?

Find a property far away from the city!

Alternatively, try and go for small furnishings and light colours.  I find that a pastel palate works well, the colours are light and bright but without having to stick to a bland bright white or magnolia!

How to feel ‘At home in Hong Kong?’

Visit some of the outlying islands – this is a great way to see something different in Hong Kong and get out of the city.  The waterfront in Stanley with all the alfresco coffee shops and restaurants offers a lot of creature comforts if you’re in need of a little pick me up.

What has been your specialist property search request?

Loft apartments in Hong Kong are often a hard find but much requested!  They tend to be based in commercial properties and not intended for residential use.  It’s a very fashionable choice, especially outside of Hong Kong where they are more readily available, but generally isn’t really a legal option.

Very rarely do converted loft apartments in HK hit the market that are safe, located in a residential property and green lit by the government, but I have made it happen!  It’s not a no, but definitely a harder property to find!

Share a Hong Kong Secret Spot?

There are lots of places!  Just last week I was at Shing Mun Reservoir in Tsuen Wan and the views were stunning!  A great alternative option to the more popular Tai Tam walks between Stanley and Quarry Bay, take a look at my pictures – how could you not want to go to this blissful place?

To ask Charissa a question about Hong Kong property directly email her at


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