Meet Carol

I can’t believe I have now been writing this blog for over three months.  As you know I’ve slowly been introducing you all to my colleagues here at JLL HQ.  This week I’d like to introduce you to Carol, who has been working in real estate since 2007.

So, who is Carol Chui?  Carol 1

I’m a mother of one and half babies (I’m pregnant and due to give birth to my second son in a few months).  I’m married to a Brit and we live in Sai Kung with our two rescue dogs, Buffy and Bella.

What do you love most about your job?

I know everyone says this but really it is the people!  I’m a sociable person and it’s so great to meet not only new people, but those from so many different backgrounds and cultures.  Typical Hong Kong really!

House Heaven Vs House Hell? 

Any place I’m living in has to have a nice kitchen because my husband and I love cooking.  We don’t have as much time to cook as we used to but we still need a kitchen for when that time comes around!

My idea of a home from hell is anywhere that’s dark and cold, I like to be warm and cosy!

Best neighbourhood for … outdoor lovers?

It’s not just because I live there honest, but it has to be Sai Kung hands down!   I think people tend to be more relaxed here, more so than people in the city.  My neighbours are so welcoming, they hold BBQs and even if you’re just walking by they always invite you in!  Of course the best thing is that it’s near the beach and lots of walking trails.

Best shop for local knick-knacks?

Personally I always love to bring things back for the house from countries we have visited whether it’s art or otherwise.  If you’re in Hong Kong head to Horizon Plaza in Ap Lei Chau – this is a furniture and general home shopping centre close to Aberdeen.  It’s not your typical shopping centre and is very industrial but trust me you can spend hours in the place getting the perfects bits to make your apartment feel like home.

Favourite local eats in your ‘hood?

It’s not so local anymore but the first branch was opened in Sai Kung!  Honeymoon dessert is simply delicious.  Their speciality is local Chinese desserts with a lot of mango featured.  My favourite is the cold mango and coconut soup – trust me it is tastier than it sounds!

What’s your most unforgettable property search request?

I guess for me my most unforgettable search requests are always from the people that have interesting stories to tell.  Although properties feature very heavily in what I do, I think it is always exciting to meet the people behind the search finding out what brings them to Hong Kong and their experiences once they have arrived.  One family I remember really well had come to Hong Kong with the church, and their property request was so different to many families, they wanted something very simple and basic in the Hong Kong countryside which I thought was very refreshing.

What to do on a rainy Hong Kong day?

Put up your feet up, get a hot chocolate and watch a movie – and if you’re feeling adventurous treat yourself with a glass of champagne.  I like to stay indoors when the weather is bad.  But if you are wanting to get out despite the weather there’s plenty of shopping malls that have plenty for you to do – Elements has an ice rink and a cinema, lots of great food and of course shops!

So if you would like to speak with Carol then feel free to email her on

Have a great week and let’s hope it stops raining!


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