Work hard and play hard

It is not a secret how much I love living in Hong Kong – I know I am born and raised in the city so some might say I am a little biased but I don’t 100% agree.  I have been fortunate enough to have lived in very different places and I have come to one conclusion.  Everywhere has its positives and negatives.  At JLL we look after both people who are new to Hong Kong and those who have started to fall in love and are looking for their second tenancy.  I genuinely share my loves (and the harder parts) of being here with my clients.

Today I am fortunate enough to be enjoying one of the numerous positives……the ability to travel around Asia when living in Hong Kong is undeniably one of my most mentioned positives.  This morning I was enjoying this view

Then we boarded a flight to Phuket and this afternoon (after a yummy Thai lunch) I am lucky enough to be enjoying this view

The joys of living in Hong Kong!

As you can imagine I will be off line for a few days – will be back in that awesome city we loving call the 852 next week.

Have a great week and weekend everyone.


Stella (feeling very blessed)


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