Southside – is it the best place to live?



My team and I know this Hong Kong’s residential district like the back of our hands!  We’re always talking about the new places we discover in our favourite areas and it prompted me to think, wouldn’t it be helpful if we could share some of our knowledge with our friends and clients?  If you enjoy reading this we’ll be sure to make it a regular thing – let me know what you think and which neighbourhood you’d like to see in focus next!

So, the Southside – home to the seaside and outdoor-loving families, couples and even some singles.  If you want to feel like you’re on holiday every day and your budget will allow it then this is the part of Hong Kong for you!  Remember unlike other places in the world, just because you live further away from the CBD, it doesn’t necessarily mean the property is cheaper.  Sometimes it will be more expensive in Hong Kong.

What is the ‘Southside’?

It’s a large district of Hong Kong, you guessed it, on the Southside of the Island!  Neighbourhoods include: Deep Water Bay, Repulse Bay, Chung Hom Kok, Stanley, Tai Tam and to a lesser extent Shek O and Big Wave Bay.  It’s well-connected, with beautiful beaches that are easily accessible but it can get busy during summer weekends.


The neighbourhood of Stanley basically acts as the ‘Capital’ of the Southside.  An entertainment hub with an ‘open market’, restaurants, bars and pubs galore, it is easy to see why many people choose to make it their home.

Property Picks:

Some of our favourite developments are:

  • The Lily – Offering luxurious serviced apartments and unfurnished apartments in an iconic and exclusive building in Repulse Bay – Click here to see more photos
  • De Ricou, Repulse Bay – A  newly renovated building within The Repulse Bay development – Click here to see more photos
  • Manhattan Tower – A popular development that has amazing facilities and yet is still walking distance to Stanley – Click here to see more photos


Have yourself a little wander through Stanley market, and be sure to grab yourself a Hong Kong bargain.  Haggling is a must, and part of the fun!  There’s lots on offer from beautiful paintings and Chinese prints, to rugby jerseys and electrical items (yes selfie sticks are also one a penny here!).  It’s a great place to do some Hong Kong gift shopping for the friends and family at home.


The Verandah, Repulse Bay

Famous for its Sunday Brunch and selection of teas, this is fine dining in the colonial style.  Definitely one to keep in mind for a special occasion!

Saigon, Stanley

Lots of people typically head for the Western style restaurants on the promenade, but this delicious Vietnamese is worth a look.  Tucked away in the beautiful building on the pier, you can eat al fresco and quietly watch the world (and sea!) go by.

If you don’t live in the Southside then make a day of it:

Visit the new shopping centre in Repulse Bay – The Pulse.  Brimming with a variety of shops, restaurants, supermarkets, galleries and family spots it has something to keep everyone entertained.  It’s right on the beach so you could even go for a quick paddle afterwards!

One of my favourite restaurants is in The Pulse is Limewood – click here to read a review


If you have the opportunity to join a club then don’t turn down that opportunity.  Memberships are hard to find so if your company can help you then jump at the debenture.  Here are some that are on the Southside –

Tomorrow is an unexpected day off (don’t we love a random public holiday!) but sadly it seems the weatherman isn’t forecasting the best weather.  Thankfully the Southside will definitely offer you something to do rain or shine.

If you think that you might want a change in location from where you live now then let me know.  One of my team members would love to show you what you can get for your budget.  If you are already loving Southside life but wonder if there maybe something different from where you are living now then also let me know.  As I mentioned, my team and I know it inside out!

Have a great day tomorrow and let me know……is Southside the best place to live?


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