Do you need a good real estate agent in HK?

Absolutely.  I have no doubt that an agent can make the difference between a “good home search” and an “OK I will live here if this is all that is left” search.

Here is one of my team members who has (just over!) 20 years in the market and has relationships with landlords that I envy – she can find a property before it even comes onto the market!


So, who is Peggy Chan? 

You don’t need to know!  (she laughs) But seriously, I’m passionate about living and making the most of life, it’s here to enjoy after all.  Give everything a go once and you might actually like it.  I recently started doing crossfit with some colleagues and to my surprise I actually quite like it!

What do you love most about living in Hong Kong?

The people and the city are just so efficient – everything runs well and on time.  There is no chaos, well apart from the bars of Lan Kwai Fong on a Friday night perhaps… which all my clients already know I completely despise!

House Heaven Vs House Hell? 

It’s hard to say in reality – we’re not in a city that we have the privilege to define what is a house heaven or a house hell.  Most people when they’re house hunting here understand that there will always be some compromise either due to rental prices or lack of space.

But if I was living in my dream world – my heaven would be would be a bungalow with a deck facing the sunset!

And my hell would be living in a high rise block – wait!  That’s most of Hong Kong right?!  (she’s a joker this Peggy!)

Best neighbourhood for … family life?

Stanley or the Southside without a doubt (you can read our guide to Stanley here).  The air quality is better, the area itself is more spacious – you can actually enjoy walking around without having to dodge the urban crowd.  I also think it’s the only real place to be on Hong Kong Island if you like being near the great outdoors and experiencing without necessarily having to go on a hike!

The most stylish shops for apartment furnishings? 

Tree – This shop is great for choosing your key pieces of furniture – tables, beds, sofas etc.  The clue is in the title but the focus here is wood and sustainable designs, so you can also feel good about your purchases too!

Homeless – This is such a fun and quirky shops.  It’s great for picking up knick-knacks with a personal touch.

Eclectic Cool – Conveniently located next to our office here in Pacific Place 3 means I can always pick up a birthday present or a housewarming gift.

Where are your favourite places to hang out in your neighbourhood?

I’ve discovered this nice restaurant called ON Dining Kitchen and Lounge – good food and coffee, I can head there at anytime.

Favourite dim sum dish?

Shu Mai (these are everywhere in Hong Kong – pork dumplings) and Gai Bao (chicken bun)

Best piece of advice for Hong Kong newbies?

This is Hong Kong – expect the unexpected.  Life will be different, but it will be good!

If you didn’t live in Hong Kong where would you like to be?

I don’t want you to all groan when I say this but, I’d actually still live in Hong Kong!  Seriously, I love being here.  It’s safe, tolerant and everyone gets along – life is easy and we are very lucky.  Also, where would I be without my morning peanut butter and condensed milk sandwich?!

Got a question for Peggy or need some help with your Hong Kong move?  She’d love to hear from you –

Has anyone had the pleasure of having Peggy as their agent.  If so then I would love to hear from you.

Have a great weekend everyone.

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