Schools, schools and more schools

Afternoon everyone, schools is an important part of the service that we offer here at JLL.  Angela Pedron is one of the schooling and relocation team.


Tell us about Angela…

I was born in Australia and lived in Los Angeles but Hong Kong is now where I call home. I’m a mother of two girls, who keep me on my toes. I love spending as much of my time with them as I can, whether it’s reading a book, running around at the park or cooking their favourite meals.

In this column so far we’ve just heard from the agents in our team.  Tell us a bit about your job as a Hong Kong schools advisor?

As a schools advisor, nothing is more satisfying than helping a family place their children in a school. Every family’s needs are different, and I enjoy spending time and interacting with them, in order to help them find the right Hong Kong school.  It’s great experiencing Hong Kong with people for the first time, and helping them discover what a beautiful city Hong Kong truly is.

What’s the most important piece of advice you can give parents looking for their first Hong Kong school?

Hong Kong is filled with many great schools, finding the perfect fit is challenging and exciting at the same time. Receiving the right advice as early as possible is the key to a successful school application.

Any good shops for us to visit and grab all our schooling essentials?

There isn’t a ‘one stop school shop’ in Hong Kong, but any one of the shops below can make the search of your schooling essentials much easier.

Dr Kong – a great store for kids shoes, you can also get orthopedics style shoes from here too.

Local stationery stores – check out your neighbourhood, there is always a great one to be found!

Street markets – you’ll be surprised what you can find at a lower cost than the usual suspects.  Wanchai market is a good place to start.

Bookazine – you can find all your favourite books here and some extremely nice stationary if you want to go the extra mile

Japan home – this is the closest you’ll find to that ‘one stop’ here you can get *almost everything you need, for schooling and home essentials!

Your favourite memory from your school days?

The times I spent with my friends at the beach during the school breaks when the weather was perfect.


Have a great weekend everyone

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