New Year’s Resolutions for Tenants

The team and I literally bounced into 2016!  The first week back at work is always a toughie but it was made a little easier by rounding off the first week with a little bit of team building at Bounce Inc. in Kowloon Bay.  Yes, I made some of them come to the darkside!  It was so much fun and I would highly recommend it – my team all have different interests, backgrounds and are of all ages and we all had a great time!


We took the opportunity to not only have a bit of a bounce, but also as a time for reflection for the year passed.   We are getting excited about all the new things happening in 2016 (more of that as the year goes on – no spoilers here!).

We also started the inevitable discussions about New Year’s Resolutions (please don’t groan!), which inspired the blog post today on how to be a better tenant this year.  Don’t worry, I will also be posting later in the year on how to be a better landlord!

Below are some New Year’s resolutions to make your landlord’s year!  There’s also something in it for you here too – be a good tenant and hopefully it will help you get what you want from your landlord especially when negotiating your lease.  So without further ado:

Pay your rent on time.

Sounds obvious but you will be surprised how many landlords I speak to who say that their tenant often pays late.  Nothing makes a landlord happier than a tenant who pays their rent on time. Thinking about paying a few days earlier? Even better. It’s understandable that you might be late on one payment, but let your landlord know as soon as possible – there is no substitution for the truth. Best thing I did was to set up autopay or a standing instruction with the bank.

Treat your rental like you own it

Wear and tear is common if you have lived in a property for a while, but causing major damage to your rented apartment will obviously not put you in your landlord’s good books. Contact the landlord as soon as anything goes drastically wrong.  You can avoid paying for unnecessary repairs if keep your house clean and orderly. It’s your home!

Double check when your lease ends and when you can break it

Fresh year, fresh start. Refresh those important details about your lease. I am constantly posting about new properties that come in to the Hong Kong market.  You need to be able to break your lease before you fall in love with one of the properties I post.  Be aware of when that date is!

Change can be good; but check first

It’s a new year and maybe you are thinking you should mix things up by repainting your walls in 2016’s most fashionable shade or by adopting a pet. Not so fast! Always get the landlord’s written permission first. If your lease says you are not allowed, getting this exception in writing will relieve you from any legal problems. Communication with your landlord is the key!

Know your neighbours

You live in the same building; you are bound to have some similarities! Who knows, your neighbours could become your new BFFs! The next time you see them, strike up a conversation or even just try and get them to smile! You might get more than what you bargained for, or you could end up liking them less… but at least you gave it a try!   

As for me, my New Year’s resolution is to to strike a better work and home life balance! Wish me luck!  it is 7:05pm and I am still in the office so tonight isn’t a good example of work life balance!

As always, if you, your friends or family are looking to move home, feel free to give me a call on +852 67176317. The JLL team and I want nothing more than to find you your home.

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