Living in Causeway Bay

If you’re a busy bee that likes the fast-paced lifestyle then you might want to consider living in Causeway Bay.   One of Hong Kong’s main shopping districts, it is popular amongst young singles and couples for its convenience to, well basically, EVERYTHING.  This is a place where you can really say ‘Hong Kong never sleeps’!

Causeway bay

Why live in Causeway Bay?

The Shopping – of course!

Causeway Bay is a shopperholic’s paradise.  You don’t need to worry about what you can’t find but what to choose instead.  Here’s some of my shopping haunts.

Times Square, the largest shopping mall in Causeway Bay has 230 stores ranging from mid-price to luxury fashion. There are always some temporary elaborate displays and photogenic installations you won’t want to miss. You can literally get anything you want – clothes and accessories, electronics, toys, two department stores and even a supermarket.

Highlights:  UA Cinema, Lane Crawford Department Store and over 20 restaurants including Nha Trang (Vietnamese), Pizza Express and a popular local favourite School Food (Korean)

Hysan Place is a modern shopping mall you won’t miss it with its iconic zig-zag facade. and can exit directly from the Causeway Bay MTR station.

Highlights: Apple Store, Eslite Bookstore (the largest in HK and open until 11pm on Friday and Saturdays), Jason Supermarket (lots of western products), Sky Garden

Fashion Walk is a rather unique concept in the 852.  A collection of four streets make up this outdoor shopping piazza.

Highlights: H&M, Ted Baker, Under Armour, Elephant Grounds Cafe (try their ice-cream sandwich if you can take on the calories!), simplylife

Island Beverly Centre is a 4-floor mall featuring trove of local, Korean and Japanese fashion stores. They import clothes quite often, so go on a fashion hunt if you’re looking for unique items but do beware you may hear the HK classic “one size fits all” – Unless you are 6 foot tall and Western like myself!


Where can you live?

  • Park Haven- A stylish development with great facilities that offers a very short walk from So Kon Po sports and recreation ground.
  • The Gloucester- Every unit in this high class block faces Victoria Harbor view and all the apartments come with balconies!


Surely there is more than shopping and restaurants?

Victoria Park- You might find it surprising there is such a beautiful oasis in the heart of this neon urban jungle. There’s a running trail and tennis courts, this park also plays host to many festivals throughout the year.

Clubs – In close proximity to the members only Hong Kong Football Club, and a variety of fitness options including outdoor bootcamps, yoga, crossfit and your ordinary gym.

Have a great week everyone.

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