Shop in HK like a local

There are shops galore in this crazy city.  When I speak to a lot of newcomers who head this way, they often find themselves stuck in the trap of going to the very obvious, safe and comforting western style places to get their essentials. These are convenient and of course delicious (you can’t get me out of the M&S deli section for all my treats!), but they can often be a lot pricier than what you’d expect back home.


Wet Markets

Almost every neighbourhood has one of these – you can’t miss it.  Normally a big old building, likely to house local district offices or the local library, this is the place to go if you want to cook at home on a budget.  There is normally a floor dedicated to different items – fruit and veg, meat and fish, flowers and most likely a food court unlike any other that probably springs to mind, to be found at on the very top floor.

Don’t feel nervous about heading in.  The store holders are normally very friendly and generally understand what you’re after even with minimal Cantonese!  Here’s a tip: use the calculator on your phone to confirm the price – or your fingers!

Snacks on the go!

I feel like I’m always bringing up my favourite Hong Kong snacks in some shape way or form (last week it was yum cha!).  But again, if you find yourself feeling a little peckish or you didn’t have time to make yourself some brekkie before hitting the work run, you really should stop by your local Hong Kong snack shop.  You’ll have no doubt seen them, either as hole in the wall or a small restaurant with a propped up metal counter in the doorway.  Order the traditional (and my favourite) 852 breakfast of Cheung Fun (rice rolls with sesame and chilli, if you like!), noodles, rice siu mai (a pork and shrimp dim sum).  Or if you’re in need of a health kick order yourself a fruit shake or better yet one of the many juices on offer!

Online Bargain Hunting

Want to head to a fancy restaurant, participate in a fun activity or get away for the weekend on the cheap?  Then make sure you sign up to the following websites so you never miss a bargain

BeeCrazy & Groupon:  You’ve probably heard of Groupon (which also has some great deals), but not its local sister BeeCrazy.  Really there are so many deals to be had on basically everything that ever existed in the entire world (!) I couldn’t possibly narrow it down,  so have a browse yourself.  You’re welcome!

Sign up to Cathay Pacific Fanfares – an email in your inbox every Tuesday at 8am outlines deals with Cathay and Dragonair if you are looking for a last minute, but economical getaway!


Again, picking up your essentials at the supermarket or the nearest Mannings or Watsons might feel like the easy thing to do, but always remember to keep an eye out when passing by local pharmacies as lots of these small shops sell discounted cleaning essentials – both for your body and for the home!

Where else have you found bargains in Hong Kong?  I’d like to know, so make sure you get in touch.

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