Easter Spring Clean

shutterstock_337427441It’s Easter, and that means it’s time for a spring clean! Hong Kong apartments can be short of storage, so there’s no better time to clear out your closet for the hot, humid summer months to come.

It might seem an impossible task to completely empty your wardrobe, but I promise once you’ve started fresh, you’ll know it’s been totally worth your time and effort. Plus, you might have rediscovered a few underused outfits!

Here are seven top tips to de-cluttering your closet:

  1. Pile all your clothes on a large flat surface, such as your bed, so you can sort them according to how much wear they get.
  2. We all know that putting together just the right outfit in the morning can be time-consuming. Save yourself some time by storing your most-used items at eye-level, less-used items below, and the least-used items up high.
  3. Colour coordinating your wardrobe will also make finding your favourite clothes easier.  I will share with you that means black takes up most of mine!
  4. If you’re lucky enough to have an apartment with built-in storage space, combine different units to fit your different needs: rails for dresses and suits, drawers for folded items, and boxes for scarves, jewellery and odds and ends.
  5. Get boxes to store clothes you don’t wear so often and put out-of-season pieces under the bed. If your bed doesn’t already have drawers, MUJI and IKEA both offer wallet-friendly storage solutions.
  6. A girl can never have too many handbags or pairs of heels! Hang the former on durable hooks inside your wardrobe to help them keep their shape, and use cubby holes or tiered shelves to sort your shoes.
  7. Umbrella stands are a must for Hong Kong’s rainy season, but stashed inside your closet they can also hold items like yoga mats.

Organising your outfits is sure to throw up a few items you just don’t need anymore. If they’re still in good condition, consider donating them to The Salvation Army at any of their Family Stores or to Friends of the Earth via their Recycling Bins around Hong Kong.

Happy organising!

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