Beat the Heat in Your Home!

Finally it seems the weather has started to improve – well, by that I mean we’ve started to see a bit of sunshine after the rainy and miserable start to 2016.  But inevitably, now that the sun has come out, so has the heat and humidity this city is so famous for.

Make sure you’re all set for summer with these household tasks and tips!

  1. Clean your air-conditioner

For your device to work efficiently it’s a good idea to give the filters a clean by hand at least once a month.  You should also make sure your unit is serviced once a year to stop those ghastly drips, leaving your conscious clear knowing you are not an obnoxious neighbour!

  1. Air-conditioner & Dehumidifier Rules, OK?

Agreed, you probably need both of these during the hottest weather, but   you shouldn’t use them together.  Why?  The dehumidifier increases the cooling load, forcing the air conditioner to work harder.  While we’re talking dehumidifiers though – invest in the moisture absorption boxes you can find in every supermarket and put them in your wardrobe.  I love my summer clothes, but not the mould that can come with them!

  1. Save the planet whilst staying cool

Make sure that all your electric appliances are switched off at their power points when not in use.  Devices can generate a lot of heat even when sitting there idly.

  1. DIY cold compress

Need a quick cool down? Fill a sock full of rice, tie it up then pop it in the freezer for a few hours.  Press it against your pulse points, or you can even take it to bed with you rather like a hot water bottle, but the opposite!

  1. Sleep like you mean it

This is perhaps my favourite tip, and a little less obvious than the rest.  Apparently sleeping in a starfish position (arms and legs not touching) helps the body to retain less heat and moisture, allowing you to feel cooler for longer.

Sweet dreams and have a great rest of the week……it is hump day!

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