Is this your first typhoon? Here are 8 Typhoon Tips for this signal 8.

It doesn’t matter if this is your first typhoon or you have become an expert typhoon survivalist, typhoons can be scary.  So here are 8 Typhoon Tips to get you through the next few days.

Firstly, don’t panic.  The Hong Kong Observatory will give a warning at least two hours in advance so everyone has enough time to prepare and get safely indoors.

Here are my eight top typhoon tips:


1.What about the kids?

Thankfully this typhoon is in the middle of the summer holidays.  You may have camps organised so double check.  Typically if you have children in nursery school and primary school there will be different closure policies so don’t be caught out.

You can download the Hong Kong Observatory mobile app to keep you updated on the latest information.

Hong Kong Observatory website: and specifically for schools.

2. Be in the know

Whenever a typhoon Signal 8 is hoisted, there will be special arrangements for public transportation. Buses, the Airport Express and Light Rail services will be suspended. If you are out and about, remember to check the latest website or mobile app as you need to make sure you can get home safely.

Here are some useful websites:

MTR website:

KMB Bus:

CityBus & NWFB:

First Ferry:

3. Don’t be caught out

Interestingly most fast-food restaurant continue to operate during a typhoon but I would definitely suggest to stock up the fridge. Our house favourites are instant noodles and bubbly!

4. Get sticking 

Winds will be strong, especially for those living on the high floors. Make sure all your windows are locked and secure any items on the balcony if you can’t get them indoors.  I will always bring in the furniture even if it does mean they have to be in the living room for the night.  It is common to see an ‘X’ on windows which is a traditional way to prevent the glass from shattering, but still keep away from your windows just in case!

5. Don’t be the hero

Yes I am sure everyone has seen videos of someone who is a tad crazy and is hanging out near the waterfront.  Probably not the most intelligent thing to do, so stay at home and watch the videos that will no doubt appear of others doing it.

6. Watery windows

Even if you live in a newer building, you might find that your apartment that never normally leaks, starts to get a tad watery.  Make sure you have some old towels on hand.  It will depend on how the rain is hitting your windows but it is pretty amazing how that rain manages to get in.

7. Be in touch

Particularly when you have friends and family overseas.  There is nothing worse than not knowing.  Put their minds at rest. Let them know you are OK.

8. Don’t be tempted

There are rumours that certain bars in Lan Kwai Fong will have a lock in.  I must say I haven’t experienced one but the rumours are out there.  Best to stay indoors though and have your own party!

So there are my tips.  Whether or not you choose to stay in bed all day, watch movies, sing karaoke or even play mahjong like some of my team, please stay safe.

Let me know what you do to keep safe and busy.

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