Winter is coming…even in Hong Kong!

You may or may not know that I am a huge Game of Thrones fan, but not so much of the cold that the Seven Lands seems to be stuck in at present. I’ll take a fiery sun-drenched trip to the beach any day over the bitter cold, just like Khalesi!

GOT Houses.jpg
Which house are you? Image from dailydot.

Those of you who have yet to spend a winter in the 852 might be surprised at us Hongkongers moaning about the cold. Where is it? , you may even ask. But trust me; as much as I love living here many of the apartments are just not built to stand those few weeks of cold. And why would they be, when 90% of the year is pretty balmy.

So get prepared and make the warmth come to you:

Buy a Heater – Yes I know, this is a pretty obvious one. You may be loathed to buy one for just four weeks of the year but it really is worth the investment.  Try Wing On, Japan Home Centre or Fortress.

Light Candles – Before I claim that candles are a great source of warmth (note they are not but every little helps!) they do help bring about that homely relaxing atmosphere. They also help set the mood when watching GOT. I think Daenerys would be proud, well, as proud as you can be creating fire without a dragon or two…

Get Your Floors Covered – Most apartments have cooling wooden floors for those hot summer months. Rugs help make your home look and feel cosier, and there are plenty of places to find them. IKEA is a good place to start; they have a good selection of sizes and colours at good prices.  There is the option to venture into Shenzhen if you would like a custom sisal or stay local (really local for me at work) and take a look at Al-Shahzadi HK.

Get Cooking – Putting the oven on and cooking will get you toasty in no time. I sadly don’t live in an apartment with an oven.  It was a strategic choice as I am not a fan of baking but I do sometimes crave lemon cake, just like Stansa Stark but maybe you might have more interest in a ceremonial pigeon pie…minus all the death of course.

Finally, why not just do it the old fashioned way? Layer up, grab your blanket and huddle up on the sofa to watch the next instalment, or just some classic repeats…

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