Some HK School Advice from Hilary Ng

I thought it was about time I introduced you to one of our newest members of the team, Hilary.  She’s been in the leasing business since 2003 working in a variety of areas – agency work, marketing, business development and of course schooling.  But enough of me introducing her, here she is to tell you for herself!

Tell us a little bit about Hilary!

I am a HongKong-born Chinese, spent about 8 years in England for my senior school and college education, I was also working in London for about 2 years before I came back home for good.

I am a mother of one son and he is keeping me busy with all his sport activities run over the weekend. I love chilling out with friends for drinks to dinner, and enjoy the movie night with my hubby on Fridays.

What is it like being a Schools Adviser and what does it involve?

It’s certainly a big challenge moving with family across to continents and sorting out schools for them at the same time, I’m here to help to ease off their pressure by giving them appropriate advice and help them navigate the complicated Hong Kong schools system strategically. It’s definitely satisfying to be able to find the schools that fit the family needs.

Do you have any advice for parents searching for a HK School?

Hong Kong is a very unique place with lots of international schools being in a small city. There are many of them with completely different policy, mission, admissions and application process. Parents need to plan ahead and carry out good research on the schools they preferred or recommended, and prepare with an open mind and be realistic. If their preferred schools accept applications from birth and with long waiting lists, they are not likely to be successful immediately. Schooling is very personal; don’t simply just listen to what people tell you as every family has its unique circumstances, children with different academic/education background, with different family needs and timing requirements. What suit one child may not necessarily suit another. You will be amazed to find out the merits of each school after a good research, that the school best fits your child isn’t necessarily the top schools you have always want.

And what advice would you give to the kids, especially if they have concerns about starting a new school?

The advantage of being in the international schools in Hong Kong is that children are coming from different countries or have certain experience already relocating from one country to another, they are used to meeting new friends from different background and race.

Make a list of questions about the new schools and speak to your parents about them or any other concerns you may have, get them to help with getting to know more about the new school, join the school tour and see the new class and meet with the teachers if possible.

If you were going to be stuck on a desert island, what three things would you want with you?

Water,  an energy bar and AloeVera gel 🙂 

Name three after school clubs guaranteed to get the children making new friends.

  1. Faust International Youth Theatre
  2. Anastassia’s Art House
  3. Multi-Sports

Your best Hong Kong restaurant recommendations?

Greyhound CafeZumaK-Town Bar n Grill and Sabatini

Who has inspired you in your life and why?

My dad who was generous and had a big heart and was also had an entrepreneurial mind and wisdom to life.

If you want to speak to Hilary directly you can drop her a line at 

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