Hong Kong Indoor Activities for Kids

The cold has certainly been setting in this week! Although today’s weather is pretty warm again!

The residential team have mostly been wrapping up warm and drinking hot drinks with the remaining Christmas edible goodies. At least we have yet to be plagued by a lot of rain too, otherwise it could have been quite unbearable.

Seeing that weather is due to change, I thought I would highlight some fun stuff for the kids to do indoors. Sometimes when it’s cold all you want is to be snuggled somewhere warm, so the first activity I suggest is:

Baking – says I without an oven!

Yes, you may have indulged over Christmas, but that doesn’t mean you can’t fun baking some heathy (er) treats. Visit this Buzzfeed post for inspiration – from fruit skewers to Peanut Butter-Banana Quesadillas. I know which one I’d be choosing to cook…

Bounce Inc.

One for the more energetic amongst us!  I’ve been with both Callum and our residential team and it is one of my favourite fun activities to head to in Hong Kong.

Jolly Thinkers

A cute café in Wanchai that is full of board games.  There are so many games to choose from we’re sure the kids will never get bored, or at least, less quickly than usual. They also serve up a bunch of tasty snacks and drinks.

Where else do you go for indoor fun and games?

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