Hong Kong Marathon Running Routes

So are any of you crazy enough to be taking on the Hong Kong Marathon this year?!  It may come as no surprise to you that I will not be running on the 12th February, although I feel like I have been running my own private marathon – work related of course – already in 2017.

So as someone who is not a seasoned runner, I’m not really in a position to give you tips for the big day. Instead, I thought I’d share a few running routes that my team have recommended. There’s a mix in here – some for the running pro and a few for those of you looking to dust of your running shoes in 2017.

Bowen Road

Those of you based in the Mid-Levels, will know this road well. It’s great for running because it is quiet and mainly flat. It also has some great vantage points allowing you to look out over HK and into some very fancy properties whilst you run.

Kennedy Town Waterfront

A less known route, the shipping yard next to the wholesale food market has a big pier that is perfect for running. You can opt to do a few laps or head out at the Kennedy Town exit and continue along the waterfront. On an aside, this place is also a great urban spot to watch the sun go down over the Kowloon Peninsula.

Happy Valley Running Track

A set running track means you’ll be in good company. The influence of the serious runners would certainly make me run that little bit further and harder. This one is great for those of you wanting to head straight to work or a social gathering as there are lockers, changing rooms and showers available.

Peak Fitness Trail

I saved the hardest one until last! I doubt you’ll ever catch me running up or down here but I know many pros that do. This one is a challenge whether you run or walk, then you can finish off the elevation with a loop round Victoria Peak via Lugard Road. Best time to go though is early morning or evening – weekends in the day get particularly busy and you’ll spend most of your time weaving around the strollers.

Finally, I have it on good authority that the app you’ll want to use to track all your runs is Strava. Not only does it track your vitals, it compares you to other runners who have taken on the same routes. That should help keep you motivated if you don’t have a running partner in crime!

Let me know your favourite running routes I may have missed, and good luck to everyone taking part in the main event!

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