Smart Compact Living

Hong Kong people continue to amaze me with what they are able to do with a 300 square foot apartment. From slide away kitchens, fold up living rooms, and multi-functional beds; their ability to innovate, and live diversely within such tight spaces is truly an art.

With the average living space per capita being around 160 sq ft per person, and residential skyscrapers building higher and higher into the skies, it is clear that living space is at an absolute premium in this city. This has motivated many design studios and furniture companies to think outside the box of traditional interior design and create pieces and spaces that double (or even triple!) up in functionality and efficiency.

Hong Kong based architecture firms such as JAAK, LABB, DEFT are masters in this new generation of design.  They utilize smart technologies and strategies to create the most dynamic homes in some of the smallest spaces, creating a completely new meaning for luxury urban living.

This video demonstrates LABB’s ingenious makeover of this 309 sq. ft. home that includes a home cinema, gym, open kitchen and guest bedroom.

Do you have any genius tricks for living in small apartments? We’d love to hear from you and even feature them on our blog. Get in touch!

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