Art – Mr Hindes you would be proud!

It is probably not a surprise to many of you that I will be going to the Affordable Art Fair at the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre tonight. For those of you who had Mr Hindes as an art teacher, you would remember his pursuit in getting children of all capabilities to enjoy that subject of art!

Hong Kong has been taking huge steps towards promoting the city’s arts programmes in recent years with the success of many gallery openings and commercial art fairs such as Art Basel and Art Central.  The Affordable Art Fair is yet another wonderful event to add to calendar – especially as it specialises in showcasing works from small- or mid-sized galleries which might not get a look in at those bigger international events.  The wonderful Stephanie Kelly, Director of the event, has been with the team since its first installment back in 2013.  Thank you for the invitation this evening!

Affordable Art Fair

Even if you know nothing about art, it promises to be a fun, interactive and enriching experience. Not only can you you can find a multitude of different art, from traditional ink paintings to stunning sculptures and beautiful photography, the price tags on most pieces will not break the bank and that can be key!

This year, the fair will feature pieces from an astounding 110 art galleries from Hong Kong and around the world. The highly anticipated TEDxWanChai Salon titled: ART. Who Cares? is also sure to be a big highlight.

Affordable Art Fair fler

For those looking for art to hang up on that  living room wall you’ve been meaning to decorate for 5 years, or a single gem to go on the dining room sideboard, I highly recommend checking out the Affordable Art Fair this weekend.

Dad, you would be proud with how far art has come in this fabulous place we call home.

Hopefully see many of you there!

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