A 13 year old, the digital world and Hong Kong Life

As most of you know, I have a 13 year old boy Callum and like most teenagers, he likes to be online.  It was definitely a bone of contention over the holiday and I am sure he felt that I was constantly nagging him to get off his phone.

I have found a way to take back the control! A good friend (thanks D!) has recommended this app which allows the parent to control the wifi on their child’s device……Our Pact.

It will be downloaded this weekend although I am not sure how happy Callum will be about that. It did get me thinking however, about any other good apps out there for life in Hong Kong. I thought I would share with you some of my favourites.


TaxiHong Kong Taxi Translator

A true lifesaver if Cantonese isn’t your your mother tongue (yet!).  Simply choose where you’re headed and the app translates your destination.  It gives you the phonetics (if you want to practice saying the address) but also writes it in Chinese so you can show your driver – sorted!

HK observatoryHong Kong Observatory

I know that many of us have giggled about the ‘dangerous cold spells’ that we have recently experienced – until we realised that none of our apartments are set up for the cold!  Not only does this app give the most accurate local weather (is that ever possible?!) but it also has push notifications to warn you of extreme weather.

HK transportHKe Transport

If you don’t fancy getting a taxi but want to know what is the best way to get from one location to another then this is the app for you.  The most comprehensive transport app showing all of the MTR, tram, minibus and bus routes.

enjoy_hikingEnjoy Hiking

If you are new to Hong Kong, you might be surprised to find out that this is a favourite past time for Hong Kongers.  The team at JLL regularly hike and before long you’ll find yourself heading on one of Hong Kong’s famous hikes.  This app will help you find trails to suit your fitness level complete with maps and tips.

HK movieHK Movie

A must for all movie buffs, this app is a cinema locator.  Find the latest listings and even watch the new release trailers.

My guideMy HK Guide

Pretend you are tourist for a day.  Recently Callum, Chu San and I spent the day on the Big Bus.  This app was created by the Hong Kong Tourism Board and not only has great suggestions of places to visit but also includes vouchers so you can enjoy the attractions and restaurant deals.

Open riceOpen Rice

Ensure you never have a bad meal again, or if you do, let others know!  This is the place to read and write your own restaurant reviews.  I find some great local and smaller restaurants on this app.


Discover real time events happening around you in Hong Kong.  From exhibitions and music gigs to family events and festivals.  You’ll find it all here.

CoconutsCoconuts Feed

For a lighter dose of news take a look at Coconuts.  This publication often translates local news stories you might not get to hear about otherwise.  It is definitely light reading.


As you have probably worked out, the South China Morning Post is the most popular English language newspaper in Hong Kong.  Download the app to read local and international news on the go.

The standardThe Standard

A free daily newspaper, if you can’t get your hands on one of the free copies (in your building even) then the app is the next best thing.

Gogo vanGoGoVan

You might want to look this one up if you have things to move or pick up.  This is also a great option to move your pets around in.


Produced by the airport this will keep you updated on flight schedules and other airport information.

PPSPayment – PPS

A great app for getting your bills paid in Hong Kong.  Check to see if your providers are listed.


Definitely my recent addiction – thank you Emma!  Uber launched in Hong Kong in 2015 and has already become a popular choice of transport.

water for freeWater for Free

An app that shows you where you can access free and safe water to drink in Hong Kong.  The aim?  To reduce unnecessary waste created by bottled water which I am always a fan of.

Do you have any apps that you can’t live without?  Let me know, I am always interested to hear about ways that allow us all to live in this awesome city easier.


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  1. Hiking in Hong Kong would be amazing…the humidity would take me a bit of getting used to. Have taken a ride on the cable car on Lantau Island and could see the hiking paths below leading up to the top of the mountain. Stunning.


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