Diversity, 3 day weekends and time well used

With the long weekend coming to an end, it’s certainly been a time to do a bit of chilling.

We’re currently working on putting together a whole week of events in celebration of Diversity & Inclusion at JLL HQ.  I’m really excited to see how the week will unfold, and have really enjoyed brainstorming ideas with other committee members – only two weeks until the fruits of our labour are revealed…

As always I will be sharing the highlights, and if you want to get involved we are holding an ‘Urban Relay Event’ on Friday 13th between 2pm-4pm on The Peak.  We are still looking for teams of four to participate, can we tempt you to put on your running shoes?  It is all for a good cause – team registrations and funds raised will be donated to Breast Cancer Awareness.

You can email me if you are interested!


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