Picnicking in HK is a Piece of Cake…

I hope you enjoyed the long Easter weekend.  What did you get up to?  Did anyone attempt the Spring Clean I spoke about last week?!  I must admit that I didn’t get around to it – eeeek!

We’ve got another long weekend coming up and the weather might just hold on long enough for you to have a picnic with friends and family.  Let’s face it, until junk season fully kicks in the next best thing (and probably a lot more civilised!) is a picnic.  And really, you need to make the most of the outdoors before that humidity really starts to pack a punch.

So dust off your hamper, prepare a nice jug (or two) of Pimms and set off to any of these picture perfect picnic spots:


Cyberport Waterfront Park: Located in Pok Fu Lam, it is fast becoming a big hit for picnics; in fact we actually held our company team building day here with lots of crystal maze style outdoor activities! Sit in the park itself, and even set yourself up for a bit of cricket.  If you want to be closer to the shopping centre, there’s a nice piazza with an awesome view.

Great for:  Dog walking – There’s a great space for giving your four legged friend the run around.

Tamar Park: A much easier place to get to for us Darksiders ! Unlike other options, it is literally next to the sea, so you can appreciate the stunning harbour view and impressive skyscrapers.   Look out for the points of interest and sculptures in the park, and more often than not you’ll find some sort of festival kicking off for you to wander into.

Great for:  A quick city escape – Easily accessible via Admiralty or even the good old Star Ferry.

Victoria Peak Garden on The Peak: If you don’t mind having a little walk, (hmm maybe little is understating that hill walk just a tad!) I would highly recommend you visit this hidden heaven up on The Peak.  It’s a perfect spot to get some peace and quiet; and has that colonial feel of years gone by.

Great for: A bit of romance, and of course, spectacular views.

Victoria Park in Causeway Bay Despite being situated right in the middle of the urban jungle, this Causeway Bay park is still an ideal choice for getting away from it all.  There’s lots of activities for kids to enjoy – they will enjoy running in this spacious area, and never get bored with a few slides and swings nearby.

Great for: People watching – there’s so much happening in this bustling park.

Where do you go for a bit of outdoor R&R?  Or are you lucky enough to have your own private oasis where you live?  I do happen to know a few properties on the market with a garden, terrace or two…

Enjoy the holiday.


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