Plate spinning and finding property


This weekend I felt that I needed to perfect a new skill – plate spinning – we all know that this skill relies on the gyroscopic effect, in the same way a top stays upright while spinning.

The Chinese acrobatics troupes are well known for plate spinning, usually in combination with contortion or acrobatic skills.  Well I saw the last of the lion dances this weekend but I could have also done with a lesson in plate spinning – an excellent skill to have when trying to end a lease and find a new one in this awesome city that is Hong Kong!

It was a tough weekend with a few new plates coming in to play: an uncontrollable market, uncontrollable landlords and still very big furniture.

Alas, no property was found but I do have a few points to remember when you are out viewing property.

  • “Ask” the agent if you can take photos – not all agents (or landlords) will want you to but do ask.  Take a photo of the apartment number at the front door before you start clicking away, once you get home you will easily remember which series of photos belongs to which apartment.
  • Take a tape measure – I am fortunate enough to have the perfect “foot” sized feet but still a tape measure was created for a reason and does help to save the white marks on your coat from the freshly painted walls.  Yes my coat has gone off to the cleaner this morning.
  • Properties are not even boxes – although sometimes they feel like them! Remember to measure bulkheads – furniture has depth, width and height!
  • Visualise – this is probably the hardest part.  If you are fortunate enough to be looking with others then talk out loud about the furniture, wall art and lighting – if you have a talented friend ask them for their advice.

Everyone in Hong Kong has had to find property.  What were hints that you used?  Things you would do differently?  If you need some help navigating the market – get in touch, we’d be happy to help.

Have a great week.

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